About Milpitas.TV.

Milpitas.TV is a local web/video platform, developed and managed by A and H Strategy, LLC

We initiate a system, 95035HOMES, of 10 Free Websites

Attract/connect qualified homebuyers (personal injury attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, living trust attorneys , immigration attorneys, divorce attorneys ….),  to participated listing agents.

Detailed instructions are posted at

  1.  http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home1 (Model)
    25 Casper Street (Debbie Rossetto)
  2.  http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home2
    2297 Farmcrest Street (Maggie Xu)
  3.  http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home3
    283 Sepulveda Court (Craig Gorman)
  4. http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home4
    1920 Yosemite Avenue (Debbie Rossetto)
  5. http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home5
    1662 Jupiter Drive (Malena Ibarra)
  6. http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home6
    205 W. Capitol Avenue (Mila Lagoc)
  7. http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home7
    28 Chysis Road (Sanjeev Singla)
  8. http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home8
    872 Erie Circle (Elena Tamez)
  9. http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home9
    1576 Hidden Creek Lane (Bernadette Troncales Weir)
  10. http://milpitas.tv/presents/95035home10
    1521 Hidden Creek Lane (Bernadette Troncales Weir)

Milpitas.TV has no connection with the City of Milpitas