A halal burger joint opened its doors in Milpitas Thursday. (1/22/15)
http://www.suprememastertv.com Okay, today we’re going to show with you one very popular dish in here in the restaurant. At the Loving Hut here many of our customers like to order the international house special soup
Fall 2014: Stephen Muse’s class at Paris Business School. Full Bull French Buffet See also: Spanksgiving http://youtu.be/f7gGC7xaZeA Cheney’s Makeover http://youtu.be/yzmiEQmu6Ww Pirate event at Carr’s http://youtu.be/pzvJIsDWUTg
https://www.yelp.com/biz/zahirs-bistro-milpitas If you want to eat at an upper-scale white table cloth style Italian-American restaurant, GO TO Zahir’s Bistro in Milpitas, CA. We ordered the Tortellini Isabella sub Alfredo Sauce & Ciopinno! AMAZING food!! Like, [More]