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H1B Cap Gap F1 OPT How to Stay in the U.S. Immigration Attorney California Immigration Lawyer Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Clara 916-613-3553 What happens if your H-1B is approved, but [More] ::: Recommendations and positive reviews is the first thing that everyone looks for while searching for an immigration lawyer. If you have an immigration issue in the USA and you live in one of [More]
⏳UNLAWFUL PRESENCE WAIVER (Part 3) You’ve heard that waivers “help people get a Green Card.” In this video series, I discuss the I-601A Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver. This waiver allows people who have accrued unlawful [More]
California immigration law attorney Andres Ortiz discusses his practice of helping immigrants to the United States secure visas, green cards, citizenship and stopping deportation. A lawyer with the Shouse Law Group, Andres Ortiz practices at [More]