Video #244. In San Jose, The Japanese Restaurant food was so good. I took a picture of the fountain where the fish is. We had to feed the fish.
Japantown is a hip urban community located close to downtown San Jose. It embraces the cultural roots of the Japanese who developed that area pre world war II. The area is being developed with many [More]
When you visit Kyoto Palace, you’ll find a Japanese Steakhouse that whips up savory steaks, fresh vegetables, and plenty of lobster right before your eyes. Professionally trained chefs chop, dice, and flip sizzling fare on [More]
Website: Instagram: Facebook: __ Kenzo Japanese Restaurant 5465 Snell Ave San Jose, CA 95123
754 The Alameda, San Jose, California 95126 408-931-6875
Taking the battle for 4 different rounds, San Jose Japantown goes head to head with San Francisco Japantown to see which reigns supreme. Which will win out? In San Jose Japantown – Shuei-Do Manju Shop [More]
One day trio to San Jose Japantown – many adventures to share. Japanese restaurant. Tables for families with 2 kids. » ot2da on social networks / ot2da в социальных сетях « Instagram » Facebook [More]