Here’s a quick video showing Kambria CTO, Jared Go, remotely manipulation an Ohmni robot at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.
One of the robotics features that Kambria is building for the codebase, which will also be available in the marketplace, is an autonomous platform (self driving robot). We have already made significant progress, as you [More]
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The tech community in Vietnam is developing a strong start-up culture similar to Silicon Valley. This fast-growing economic region is prime for venture capital investment and the world is taking notice. With a strong commitment [More]
REVIEW KAMBRIA – DỰ ÁN PHÁT TRIỂN NGHÀNH ROBOTIC ĐÃ KÊU GỌI THÀNH CÔNG 14 TRIỆU ĐÔ Link đăng ký KYC: Distribution Code: • K71513ARV THÔNG TIN DỰ ÁN Website: Whitepaper: Telegram [More]
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Decentralized open robotics platform to accelerate the development and adoption of impactful robots.
Rosse Gates of Alphagrowth interviews Tra Vu of Kambria at Block World 2018 Our world is full of amazing technology that has already transformed our lives. But our future as a species depends on our [More]
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The Kambria ICO is being launched by the team behind Ohmni Robotics and is aiming to disrupt the siloed robotics and AI industries via an open source innovation platform. Website – Telegram – [More]
?Ngày Trở Về 2019 (The Return Day 2019) “The Return Day” is an award-winning and one of the key programs of VTV — Vietnam Television, the national television broadcaster of Vietnam — that tells stories [More]
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