Ohmnilabs SCALE 3D Printer
Sick of the mess made when using your CNC? We show you how easy it is to make a 3d printed dust shoe to keep things neat and tidy. Go to our full blog post [More]
We are excited to take you behind the scenes of how our robots are made – in-house, in California !
The newest OhmniLabs cobot platform demoed with our 1:1 sub-mm accurate motion tracking via VR controllers. Designed for ultra-high performance and strength-to-weight ratio at 1/10th the price of heavy industrial arms. Less than 3kg per [More]
At CES, OhmniLabs was showing off some new robotic arms for its telepresence robots. This video demonstrates some arm movements for the arm. Video courtesy of OhmniLabs
We had a fun and interesting conversation with Scott McGrew, Mark Niu, and Jacob Ward on NBC11’s Press:Here about OhmniLabs, and our vision for robots in the home environment. Press:Here is a really cool and [More]
In the segment, “Robots Keeping Seniors Connected”, CNBC features Home Care Assistance’s pilot program with OhmniLabs in the Bay Area.
See how Ohmni is made. From design to production.
OhmniLabs demonstration showing teleoperation of its new robotic arms. Video courtesy of OhmniLabs.
Allison Sheridan interviews Dr. Tra Vu, COO, and Jared Go, CTO of Ohmnilabs about their innovative 3D printed robotic arms. Their state-of-the-art robot provides an emotional connection while allowing for interaction in a unique way. [More]
Jared Go, co-founder of OhmniLabs, tests out the the Ohmni Arm!
A father uses Ohmni home robots to bring his family together.
OhmniLabs – Building the robotics economy of the future Global startups can apply at www.f6s.com/g-startupworldwideapplications/apply to pitch for a $300,000 investment.
In this SIGEF2018 interview, Thuc Vu shares what Ohmnilabs is currently developing, and it will change the robotics economy forever. https://ohmnilabs.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/thucvu/ Thuc Vu’s is Graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS and Stanford with [More]
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