At 55, Randall Smalls is feeling happy and healthy. Randall was part of a study led by Dr. Egede, MUSC Center for Health Disparities Research Director. The study aimed to measure the effectiveness of telehealth [More]
In this edition of the eCW Podcast, host Brian Saal chats with Rakhee Langer, Business Lead for Patient Engagement, about how healow TeleVisits and healow Virtual Waiting Room are transforming healthcare. By giving patients and [More]
President Donald Trump announces that the Veterans Administration is expanding its Telehealth program that assisted 700,000 veterans last year. It allows doctors to remotely examine veterans via video. The program now has been expanded to [More]
Short introduction to Telehealth
Hemingway Elementary is a school located in the town of Hemingway in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. Just as in many other rural areas of South Carolina, families in Hemingway seeking pediatric treatment for their child [More]
Leading the way in the use of new technologies to help improve its delivery of health care, VA employs telehealth to help ensure that Veterans get the right care, in the right place and at [More]
Telehealth technology brings healthcare to you when you want it and where you want it. This short video will show you the ways Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, WA is using virtual care to [More]
Visit to learn more about cancer treatment options and telehealth at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
Telehealth is healthcare delivery using technology. Clinical Fellows platform contains a personal health record and online doctors to provide virtual consultations upon request.
Nursing Informatics; reduce health care costs; long-term care needs; avoiding hospitalizations: reduce hospitalization; reduce emergency room visits; philip telehealth; philips telehealth; telehealth hospitals;sustained results; elderly population; professional education; I think some of the ways that Philips [More]
When health questions arise, the school-based nurses at your child’s school now have access to telehealth technology, made possible through Nicklaus Children’s Health System. The technology can be used to link your child and the [More]
MinuteClinic connect provides quality telehealth treatment for many common conditions using high-definition video and remote family nurse practitioners. Experience virtual care in select clinics only. This video is a dramatization of a patient visit, shortened [More]
Telehealth combines telecommunications and health systems to deliver care and support across distances. However, this simple definition belies the complexity of this rapidly evolving field. A cadre of increasingly sophisticated technologies — matched with a [More]
Telemedicine allows for physicians and nurses to provide care to patients through video technology. A patient can choose whether to receive telemedicine or drive to Madison to see the doctor face-to-face, the efficiency and cost-effective [More]
It’s time to put today’s technology to good use for our health, the environment and our budget. This short (less than 2 min) video shows you how Telehealth can help you take care of your [More]