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Costa Rica is a lovely country if you are looking at living in Costa Rica, or if you are planning on moving to Costa Rica. However, before you can just jump on a plane and move there, you will need to really do your own research. Such as what actually living in Costa Rica is like? After all, there is a completely different culture there than what you might be used to. Food, music, sources of entertainment. Do those kinds of research first to know what you would be getting yourself into. From there, you will be good to go at figuring out all the legal terms on how you can physically live in Costa Rica as there is quite a bit of paperwork for immigration, if you are still interested. However, you don’t have to really know all the terms as you can seek out this great law firm to help you out.

Immigrating to Costa Rica means that you are going to be living there permanently and would need a Costa Rica Residency. You would need a residency visa if you do not want to have to leave the country every 90 days. If you are going to take that route, you will want to talk to an immigration attorney in Costa Rica. Not to mention that you will have to check into the facts about the Costa Rica immigration law to ensure that you will be in compliance with all regulations. Or, if you really don’t understand any of those terms, you will want to seek counsel with a Costa Rica immigration lawyer. We will be able to help you out in figuring out those terms so that you can best understand what is also being asked of you, both before you leave and upon your arrival in Costa Rica.

There are several law firms that you may seek out help for, but the Best Costa Rica law firms are those that will do everything to the best of their ability like we do. We will even go out of our way to help you out so that you can figure out what it is that you will want to do. Are you going to seek out your retirement in Costa Rica? Are you planning on moving to Costa Rica? Or, perhaps you are living in Costa Rica now on a tourist visa and you have fallen in love with Costa Rica and you want to stay? If you are looking to study in Costa Rica, there is a need to get a visa so that you can study abroad in Costa Rica. You will be able to learn quite a bit about their education system while you are there too.
Yes, there is nothing you can do about needing a visa as it is needed for any long term visit. A Visa is just an additional piece of paper that you add into your passport, yet there are many different types of Visas and their requirements all vary. You’ll need a Costa Rica retirement visa if you are retiring, or just a general Costa Rica Visa if you are moving, living or even wanting to work in Costa Rica. You do not need a Costa Rica passport if want to live in Costa Rica.

There are thousands of foreigners living in Costa Rica. Some work there as expats in Costa Rica, some study there and some just settled down in their retirement in Costa Rica. There is quite a bit to see and do while you are in Costa Rica, so you will never have a dull day in this country! Enjoy everything that Costa Rica has to offer!

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