DIN TAI FUNG in Santa Clara 2018 NorCal- Worth It???

Din Tai Fung (DTF hehe) is a well known Taiwanese restaurant that has locations globally & arguably has the best Xiao Long Bao (XLB – soup dumplings) in the world …we checked out the Santa Clara, California location on a Sunday morning.

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We arrived about 15-minutes early and there was already a line about 50 people deep! All good though, we were able to get 1st seating anyways. When we finally got to the eating part, we ordered 4 dishes:
-Pork XLB, signature dish
– Crab & Pork XLB
-Braised beef noodle soup (best in my opinion)
-Dan Dan noodles

While the XLB dishes were good, the 2 noodle dishes were outstanding! Go for the XLB, stay for the noodles LoL

DTF is not a value joint, but a nice casual meal…the interior was very well designed and modern, the service was amazing. Definitely worth checking out if your’e interested, hopefully the queue isn’t too long!!!