Disbar Divorce Lawyer Mitchell Ehrlich of San Jose and Charge him with Domestic Violence

Silicon Valley Divorce Attorney Mitchell Erhlich should be disbarred, charged with domestic violence and subjected to a CPS investigation for being a foul-mouthed -greedy- abuser of women and children. His wife Wendy should be investigated for how she is treating all of her children. The couple should be subject to an investigation for the disgorgement of fees earned off Silicon Valley divorce cases. Mr Ehrlich has been part of a racketeering scheme with James Towery, former chief trial counsel of the State Bar.

A criminal enterprise operating in Silicon Valley divorce courts has degraded mothers, abused children and used advertising that is prohibited by law. This video initially was posted by Mr Erhlich and had less than 200 views on YouTube, when it went on social media critical of Santa Clara County lawyers, Ehrlich took it down. The moms recorded extra copies knowing the slime bag would take it down, this is one of those versions.