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When faced with criminal charges, it is important that you obtain the legal counsel of a truly skilled and experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. Criminal charges can easily result in a number of life-changing penalties upon conviction. In any criminal case the prosecution is going to come after you aggressively. They have extensive money and resources to build their case, and nothing will stop them to see you convicted of your charges. You need a highly trained criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights at all the times, and aggressively defend you at each stage of your case. Your rights and future depend on it!

At the Law Offices of Jaime A. Leaños, we leverage more than 23 years of criminal law experience in offering a customized defense against your charges. We seek to minimize the economic and lifetime impact of criminal charges that can result in financial ruin, an irreparably damaged reputation, and years spent away from family and friends.

Attorney Jaime Leaños knows the Santa Clara County Judges and District Attorneys, based on his extensive experience, which includes:

Eight years of experience at the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office
Over fifteen years’ experience in private practice

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