Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and their role in networking

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Season 1, Talk 12 of NetDevOps Live! is all about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence. Hank Preston interviews Casey Bleeker, an IOT Developer Advocate with DevNet and asks all the hard questions to work through all the mystery, hype and buzz on these important tech topics.
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Presenter: Hank Preston & Casey Bleeker

Topics Covered – Time Links
– Introduction
– What exactly is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? 2:17
– In simple terms, what is Artificial Intelligence? 2:29
– Okay, what about Machine Learning? 6:15
– Where do Machine Learning frameworks come from? 9:19
– How are ML and AI related? 11:29
– What is “training” in Machine Learning? 13:44
– How are Machine Learning, statistics, and scale related? 20:29
– Summing up AI/ML so far 23:57
– How are Machine Learning models put to work? 24:46
– What about GPUs? What’s the big deal? 28:37
– A Machine Learning Demo! 30:58
– Machine Learning making CAPTCHA irrelevant? 35:55
– Where is Cisco’s interest and activity in these topics? 36:51
– Jupiter Notebooks, Data Science and Kubernetes 37:18
– Machine Learning workloads and Infrastructure 41:47
– How is Cisco using ML/AI within products like Enhanced Threat Analytics, Tetration, etc? 42:39
– What is the relevance to me, a network or infrastructure engineer? 47:43
– What’s the relationship between ML and Big Data? 52:01
– Will I use Machine Learning to parse my network logs? 53:54
– Summary 55:23
– Webinar Resources 57:35

Episode Description:
Have you ever noticed how Google, Facebook, or Amazon seem to “know” what you want before you do? Or how NASA is able to process the millions of images of the sky, looking for planets? What about something like your camera knowing where the faces are in your pictures? These are just a few examples of how machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) is being applied by companies and developers today. But what is the relevance to the network?

In this talk we’ll explore how companies like Cisco are using these technologies within products available today to make the network smarter and more intuitive. We’ll explore how solutions like Enhanced Threat Analytics (ETA) and Tetration work. What types of problems might network engineers be able to solve on their own with ML/AI? Where can you go to start learning today? Join to find out!

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