Discover Yourself with Fred – Milpitas Financial DISC Seminar

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Here is guest speaker Fred Wikkeling at a corporate seminar where he introduces the DISC principle for the first time to the Team Leaders. This will help them identify the different personality types on their teams and begin to learn what it takes to motivate them.

Fred applies three decades of self achievement experiences to help you reach your dreams by living your life to the fullest. Using scientific principles, practical experience, and personal insights, he will show you how to increase your satisfaction with your job, family, and even yourself.

Fred is a Certified Instructor for the Napoleon Hill Foundation (Hill is the acclaimed author of the book,Think and Grow Rich) and a Certified Instructor for Personality Insights, the premier company that administers the D.I.S.C. Personality Profile assessment. Fred strongly believes Leaders are Readers. As a speaker, he lectures widely in the United States. For additional insight, go to, your personal growth website.