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How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Financial Planner? – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

How Much Does it Cost to Work with a Financial Planner?

As far as the cost of working with a financial planner, it depends. For most of the people that are fee-only, there’s two business models. One, will you charge on an hourly basis, or, the model that, for instance, the people that I’m affiliated with use, is something where we have two levels of service. And one is a financial tune-up and the other is a comprehensive plan. And generally the tune-up would run less than a thousand dollars, and the comprehensive would be more than two thousand. However, many of us that are certified and fee-only offer a no-cost, no-obligation preliminary meeting, where you come in and talk to us. We’ll talk about your goals and we talk about our fees and what we offer. But in addition, there’s something that the SEC offers, it’s called And you can go out there and look at fees, look at their background, and get a lot of information.