Milpitas Real Estate Market Update 01-04-2018

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1) Milpitas Market Update MLS-
-16 pending sales
-new listings:
135 Casper St,
-210 Butler St
-1909 Grand Teton

  -Open House
2) Current Interest Rates
            -4.0% 30 yr fixed conf
            -3.65% 15 yr fixed conf
            -4.25% 30 yr fixed jumbo
            -3.25%  15 yr fixed jumbo
3) San Jose Mercury News Articles-
             -“Up, Up, housing prices
                 -Relentless rise
                 -Prices up over 15%
             -“10 must-haves for emergency
                   -Flashlight & batteries
                   -At least four jugs of water
                   -More than one source of communication
                   -A quality roof
                   -Storm doors
                   -New windows
                   -Power tools
                -“5 first-time homebuyer mistakes
                   -More to it than mortgage payments
                   -Looking for a home first and a loan later
                   -Not getting professional help
                   -Using up savings on the down payment
                   -Getting new loans before the deal is closed
4) City of Milpitas- updates……