Milpitas Real Estate Market Update 03-22-2018

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1) Milpitas MLS Market Update
-13 pending sales
-new listings:
-184 Brandt Ct 3bd 3ba 2304sf lot size 3480sf $1,388,000
-765 Berryessa St 3bd 2ba 1277sf lot size 5951sf $1,095,000
-200 Casper St 3bd 2ba 1431sf lot size 6677sf $998,888
-236 Casper St 3bd 2ba 1116sf lot size 6683sf $898,888
-Coming Soon (Master Brokers)
-335 Coelho St 3bd 2ba 1100sf lot size 6273sf $899,888
-690 Lexington St 3bd 2ba 1068sf lot size 6708sf $899,888
-1845 Blue Spruce Ct 3bd 2ba 1215sf lot size 3171sf -TBD
-309 Norwich Ave 3bd 2ba 1431sf lot size 6973sf-TBD
2) Current Interest Rates
-4.5% 30 yr fixed conforming
-4.0% 15 yr fixed conforming
-4.625% 30 yr fixed jumbo
-4.25% 15 yr fixed jumbo
3) San Jose Mercury News Articles-
-“Rents Rise Again After ‘Cooling Off Period’- 3/16/18
-A real estate analytics firm has some good news for Bay Area landlords-
and bad news for tenants…..”The Bay Area region should register one of its
best rent performances since at least mid-2016″….
-“Amid affordability crisis, sales of luxury homes double”- 3/15/18
-Finding a Bay Area home for less than $1 million is harder than ever,
but if you have $3 million to spend you might have better luck! However,
the $2 million to $3 million priced homes grew by 33 percent!,,,due to combined
job growth and low inventory
-“Downsizing without the tears”-3/18/18
-There’s a big stigma to downsizing. As Americans, it’s ingrained in us to believe
that owning more is better than owning less…Here are some tips:
-Liberate yourself of extra furniture early in your transition
-Save money by avoiding use of a storage unit
-Make it easy to donate items to charity through pickup services
-Stay focused on the positives in your future
“How to get your home photo-ready before you sell”-3/14/18
-Take photos either in late morning or early afternoon
-Make sure all lamps and overhead lighting is turned on
-Add bursts of color to a space through colorful toss pillows, throws or accents
-Tell a story
-Add artwork
-Don’t overcrowd a space
-Don’t forget curb appeal
-Use a flash
-Don’t forget to use greenery
4) City of Milpitas- Updates