Jang Su Jang Video Review

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269 West Calaveras Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 262-3434

I love delicious Korean food, so it is with great pleasure that the newest branch of Jang Su Jang opened up near my neck of the woods, in Milpitas. I jumped with joy when the restaurant had their soft grand opening on December 19th. Upon entering the restaurant, we were politely greeted by the hostess and seated. The manager came by to welcome us and thank us for attending their soft grand opening and that any suggestions would be welcome. Having been to Jang Su Jang’s other locations, I was already familiar with their menu, but it’s still so amazing to flip through the pages to see the large variety of Korean food served here in all its glory, immortalized in pictures, including BBQ (beef, short ribs, spicy pork, chicken, seafood), soondubu (soft tofu stew), noodle soups, hot pot, casseroles, etc. There are so many items to choose from, it’s going to be exciting coming back to try new things each time.

Korean Side Dishes:
Korean side dishes are offered with each meal, and are excellent partners to the main course. The variety and flavors of the side dishes also enhance, counter, and compliment the entire meal in its entirety. Best of all, you can ask for more!
• Kim Chi → a staple of Korean cuisine, no Korean meal is complete without it!
• Japchae → sweet potato noodles, stir fried in sesame oil, with various vegetables. This is another excellent mainstay in side dishes, and one of my favorites!
• Jang JoRim (Korean Soy Sauce Beef Strips)→ salty and excellent with rice. This is very rarely served in Korean restaurants, so if it is, enjoy it and ask for more!
• Bean Sprout Salad → a refreshing counter to the salty side dishes
• Fish Cakes — a must-have here at Jang Su Jang!!! Chewy and delicious!!
• Spicy Cucumber Salad → has a mild spicy kick
• Korean Spinach → another refreshing veggie to go along with meats
• Korean Apple Salad → thinly sliced apples in a light salad dressing makes this a delight!
• GamJa JoRim: potatoes mixed with soy sauce and sugar → one of my favorites!

Main Course(s):
• Fish Roe Soondubu → the soft tofu stew is served in a stone pot, and comes with a hard-boiled egg and a bowl of rice. Once served, the waitress cracked the egg immediately into the tofu stew in order for it to cook, as the stew is piping hot! I ordered medium spicy, so when the stew came out, it looked a very mean “red!” Luckily for me, the soondubu wasn’t too spicy, so my sensitive palette was able to survive. As for flavor, it was excellent, rivaling any traditional soondubu “tofu house” restaurants. The stew came with a large quantity of tofu, veggies, and fish roe. Excellent! Highly recommended!
• Bibimbab → rice topped with vegetables, beef, and red pepper paste. This rice dish was huge! When served, every item in the bowl is separated in a beautiful pattern, with a sunny side egg in the middle. Mix everything together and add the red pepper paste (which was slightly spicy), and you have yourself a wonderful meal! Yummy!

Service at Jang Su Jang was wonderful, for during our meal, the manager and waitress would stop by our table and ask how things were and if we wanted additional side dishes. Our water and tea were always refilled, so we were never thirsty. For dessert, we were treated to complimentary yogurt drinks. Prices were very reasonable, compared to most Korean restaurants, so you’re not going to break your bank by dining here. The restaurant atmosphere is super modern with vents on top of the tables for the BBQ, private dining areas on the side, and an air of professionalism not seen in most Asian dining establishments. All in all, the food is wonderful at Jang Su Jang, and I’m looking forward to the next time I come here! This restaurant is highly recommended!

Reviewed by:

Stanley Chan, 12/19/12