Parktown Veterinary Clinic Milpitas| Five Star Review by Luz.e R.

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This place is amazing! A friend recommended this place to me and I’m so happy that she did! The staff was extremely kind and caring. I’ve been to other clinics and had such bad experiences. The doctors were so cruel to my dog–physically pulling her with full force right in front of me. I’ll make a separate review for that horrible place. But let me tell ya, these other 5 star reviews are legit. I was told one of the doctors is on maternity leave so Dr. Allison Moore helped us. She was so genuinely caring!! She even sat down with my dog to comfort her because she was so frightened. This is the first time I’ve had such a great experience at a place like this. The receptionists get 5 stars too! Thank you Parktown, I’ve found a permanent clinic for my dog!

Veterinary Clinic
1393 South Park Victoria Drive
Milpitas CA