Reliant Auto Repair- Diamond Certified Video Profile

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For more information, contact them at (408) 884-0296.

Reliant Auto Repair provides a wide range of repair services for all types of vehicles at its San Jose facility, handling everything from routine oil changes to timing belt and water pump replacements. In addition to its general maintenance work, the company has the in-house capabilities to perform both smog checks and smog failure repairs.

Owner Gurjit Singh says his favorite part of the auto repair business is utilizing his years of experience and training to diagnose and solve complicated problems. “Our customers really appreciate how we’re able to take on challenges that other shops have difficulty solving. We want them to know exactly what we’re doing with their cars, so we show them any problems we find and clearly explain our methods so they feel comfortable with the process.”

Reliant Auto Repair is known for its straightforward, customer-oriented approach to pricing, which Mr. Singh says is important for establishing trust and building a loyal clientele base. “We focus on fixing basic problems, not changing everything related to those problems, which means we often charge less than other shops. Our customers know they’re going to get high-quality repair work at a great price.”

“We educate our customers and make sure they understand the details of their situations so they can make informed decisions about their cars. Our goal is to consistently achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, and we accomplish that by performing safe, honest, quality repairs.”

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