The Classic Rock Video – San Jose, CA – Retail Shopping

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The Classic Rock Jewelry Store – San Jose, CA 95112

Open 7 days a week
Monday – Friday 10AM to 6PM
Saturday & Sunday 10 AM to 5PM

Diamonds at Wholesale Price,
Diamonds at Internet Prices,
Free Diamond Education,

Free Diamond Classes,
Free Colored Gemstone Classes,
Free Pearl Classes,
Free Jewelry Cleaning,
Free Jewelry Check up,
Graduate Gemologist on Premises,
Jewelry Appraisals done on Premises,
Jewelry Appraisals done as you wait,
Please make an appointment,
Custom Jewelry Design,
Many Jewelry Designer Lines,
Jewelry Repair,
Watch Repair,
Mineral & Crystal Specimens for sale,
Fine Asian Art for sale,
Over 500 Wedding Ring and Weddings Band Designs,
Designer Wedding Ring Designs,
Bridal Sets,
Engagement Rings,
Wedding Rings,
Diamond Jewelry,
Colored Gemstone Jewelry,
Loose Diamonds,
GIA Certified Diamonds,
AGS Certifed Diamonds,
Gemological Institute of America Certifed Diamonds,
American Gem Society Laboratory Certified Diamonds,
Forever 10 Diamonds 71 facets,
Ideal Cut Diamonds 57 facets,
Hearts and Arrow Diamonds,
Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands
Artcarved Designer Wedding Ring Line,
Diana Designer Wedding Ring Line,
Fredrick Goldman Wedding Ring Line,
Benchmark Wedding Ring Line
Barkev Designer Wedding Ring Line,
W.R. Cobb Wedding Ring Line,
Simon Golub Wedding Ring Line,
Simon Golub Colored Gemstone Line,
Denny Wong Hawaiian Jewelry Line,
Hikari Pearl Designer Line,
Sakura Pearl Designer Line,
Carla Designer Earring Line,
Top Gem, Very Fine and Fine Colored Gemstones,
Columbian Emeralds
Burma Rubies,
Blue Sapphires,
Pink Sapphires,
Yellow Sapphires,
Multicolored Sapphires,
Rhodolite Garnet,
Tsavorite Garnet,
Pyrope Garnet,
Almandite Garnet,
Cultured Pearls,
South Sea Pearls,
Tahitian Black Pearls,
Japanese Akoya Pearls,
Chinese Pearls,
Arizona Peridot,
White Opal,
Black Opal,
Boulder Opal,
Green Tourmaline,
Red Tourmaline,
Rubellite Tourmaline,
Pink Tourmaline,
Blue Tourmaline,
Idicolite Tourmaline,
Imperial Topaz,
Pink Topaz,
Blue Topaz,
Swiss Blue Topaz,
London Blue Topaz,
Blue Zircon,
Brown Zircon,
Red Spinel,
Burmese Jade,
Green Burmese Jade,
Lavender Burmese Jade,
Nephrite Jade,
Diamond Jewelry
Diamond Rings,
Diamond Pendants,
Diamond Earrings,
Diamond Studs,
Diamond Hoops,
Diamond Bracelets,
Diamond Tie Tacks,
Garnet Pendants,
Garnet Earrings
Garnet Rings,
Amethyst Pendants,
Amethyst Earrings,
Amethyst Rings,
Aquamarine Pendants,
Aquamaring Earrings,
Aquamarine Rings,
Emerald Pendants,
Emerald Earrings,
Emerald Rings,
Pearl Pendants,
Pearl Earrings,
Pearl Rings,
Pearl Bracelets,
Pearl Necklaces,
Tahitian Black Pearl Pendants,
Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings,
Tahitian Black Pearl Rings,
Tahitian Black Necklaces,
Ruby Pendants,
Ruby Earrings,
Ruby Rings,
Peridot Pendants,
Peridot Earrings,
Peridot Rings,
Blue Sapphire Pendants,
Blue Sapphire Earrings,
Blue Sapphire Rings,
Pink Sapphire Pendants,
Pink Sapphire Earrings,
Pink Sapphire Rings,
Yellow Sapphire Pendants,
Yellow Sapphire Earrings,
Yellow Sapphire Rings,
Opal Pendants,
Opal Earrings,
Opal Rings,
Tourmaline Pendants,
Tourmaline Earrings,
Tourmaline Rings,
Blue Topaz Pendants,
Blue Topaz Earrings,
Blue Topaz Rings,
Pink Imperial Topaz Pendants,
Pink Imperial Topaz Rings,
Blue Zircon Pendants,
Citrene Pendants,
Citrene Earrings,
Citrene Rings,
Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian Jewelry,
Kamon Family Crests Jewelry,
Mon Family Crests Jewelry,
One of a Kind Designed Jewelry,
Lorenzo Silver and Gold Designer Jewelry,
Hot Diamond Silver Jewelry,
Lucy Ann Silver Jewelry,
We Buy Unwanted Jewelry,
Jadeite Pendants,
Jade Pendants,
Nephrite Jade Bangles,
Apatite Pendants,
Platinum Jewelry,
18kt White Gold Jewelry,
18kt Yellow Gold Jewelery,
14kt White Gold Jewelry,
Titanium Jewelry,
Tungsten Carbide Jewelry,
18kt Rose Gold,
14kt Rose Gold,
14kt Yellow Gold Chains,
14kt White Gold Chains,
Platinum Chains,
Trilobite Fossils,
Ammonite Fossil,
Amethyst Mineral Specimens,
Fluorite Mineral Specimens,
Copper Specimens,
Gypsum Rose,
Selinite Crystal Specimens,
Agate Specimens,
Mineral Specimen Carvings,

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