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Thank you for taking the time to discuss your vision for [PROJECT NAME] and considering [OUR COMPANY NAME] as your web design partner for this project. We look forward to helping your company grow.

In our proposals we try to ensure that we address each of your needs with a clear and realistic solution. From our discussions, these are the key objectives that seem to have emerged and are the most important to solve:


  1. Design/Develop a conversion focused web strategy with a clean, modern, responsive and intuitive user interface and design.
  2. Develop a strategy to generate more referrals.
  3. Determine up to 3 keywords to focus on and integrate into your site copy & meta tags for search engine optimization.
  4. Design your website so it is professional, engaging, mobile-responsive, matches your brand and compliments both your online and offline marketing efforts including trade shows.
  5. Design your website to help pre-qualify visitors to reduce fielding calls with unqualified prospects.
  6. Build a “Catalog” style section of the site that allows you to add/edit/remove products for visitors to browser and request information on. Visitors would not be able to purchase these products directly from the website.
  7. Ensure clear and timely communication between you and the [OUR COMPANY NAME] team throughout the development process.
  8. Train you how to manage & update the site.
  9. Timely turnaround and reasonable budget.
  10. Ongoing monitoring, support & maintenance.

[CLIENT FIRST NAME], please let me know if these objectives are in alignment with your concerns. After you go through the proposal, let me know where you would like to go from here.

Warmest Regards,



PLANNINGYour project’s success depends on a solid foundation determined by a research and discovery process. This allows us to work efficiently and ensure that our developers have the information they need upfront to build your vision.Without this discovery process the project will be plagued by ambiguity, confusion, assumptions and miscommunication ultimately leading to scope creep and the inability to deliver a product that we are happy with or more importantly that you will be happy with.During this phase our objective is to learn about your business goals, marketing objectives, industry, competitors and marketplace. About who you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go.We also dive into what the budget is, how you intend to deliver assets and page copy or if we need to help with that aspect, how soon you can deliver assets and copy, what the general design direction is, how much control we will have over the design and how soon the project needs to be completed as well as other aspects of the project.What we discover during this planning phase determines if the project is a good fit for [OUR COMPANY NAME] and if so the best way to proceed to next steps. While we try to accommodate the budget and find realistic solutions based on that budget balanced with the core requirements sometimes we’re unable to do so without compromising integrity and quality. If we feel that we would be unable to deliver a quality result that we would be proud of it simply does not make sense to proceed.
PLANNING: DISCOVERYYou should have a series of discovery questions that have been provided prior to receiving this proposal or have met in person with one of our team members and the answers to those questions are listed in the SOW section. There may be some back and forth between [OUR COMPANY NAME] and yourself to flesh out ambiguities and concerns once the questions have been answered and submitted to [OUR COMPANY NAME]. It’s imperative that all questions and ambiguities are addressed during this phase, if we fail to call out the specifics during this aspect of the project we will almost certainly have problems during or near the end of the build.
PLANNING: RESEARCHBased on the answers given to the questions in the discovery phase we will start the research phase. During this phase we will determine if [OUR COMPANY NAME] is a good fit for the project, determine a basic estimate for how long the build will take and finally put together an initial proposal and scope of work (SOW) for the project.Once we send the initial proposal and SOW please read through it thoroughly and note anything that we may have missed or that may be incorrect. This is the time to ensure that the scope of work is clear and everything has been covered, once the final proposal and SOW is signed that SOW becomes the guidelines that everyone will go by for the rest of the build. If a requirement is missed in the final SOW we will be unable to change scope and add the requirement without creating an addendum to the SOW and increasing the cost of the build.
PLANNING: APPROVALOnce everyone is on the same page in regards to the scope of work and design you will be required to sign the proposal and SOW.Please keep in mind that once the proposal and SOW is signed this becomes our contract throughout the entire build. If something is missing or incorrect it is your responsibility to call this out prior to signing.Once the proposal and SOW is signed (and initial payment made) [OUR COMPANY NAME] will get to work!
DESIGNThis is where we get to work coming up with the design concept based on the requirements determined during the R&D phase.You will be able to follow progress and provide feedback on the design aspect throughout the development process to ensure we’re building what you envision.
DEVELOPMENTThroughout the development process [OUR COMPANY NAME] will push updates to the staging server to show progress and accept feedback.It is critical that both [OUR COMPANY NAME] and [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] remain in constant contact during the build phase with regular reviews.Developer time is extremely limited and valuable. If the project stalls during this period due to lack of direction, lack of assets or copy or due to lack of response the project may be placed on hold by [OUR COMPANY NAME]. This does not delay the scheduled final payment date and to bring the project out of an “on-hold” status a new schedule will need to be created and is dependent on developer availability as to when the project can be restarted. With multiple projects scheduled it is crucial that a project does not delay a scheduled start date of another project and when our developers put hours into a project it is important that we are able to pay those developers.Furthermore, if a project must be placed on hold [OUR COMPANY NAME] reserves the right to charge an additional fee to restart the project.
QA PROCESS[OUR COMPANY NAME] reviews each aspect of the project as it is completed as an initial Quality Assurance process.Before the final walkthrough/review of the website [OUR COMPANY NAME] will do one final QA to ensure everything is correct.
FINAL APPROVALOnce [OUR COMPANY NAME] has done their final QA the we will do a final walk through/review of the website or application with you.With final approval we will then create your live hosting environment and migrate the website at which point your website will be live and resolving to your domain.
POST LAUNCH/RELEASEOnce a website is migrated to it’s live hosting environment [OUR COMPANY NAME] will do a final run through to ensure all functionality works and the design remains in tact.We require one final run through by [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] to ensure quality and require a final “sign-off” of the live site.Once a website or application is launched/released [OUR COMPANY NAME] will consider the project completed and closed. We understand that bugs or issues may appear even after the final live version has been launched/released and [OUR COMPANY NAME] will warranty our work for the duration of your first year contract. Issues that may arise after the initial 1 year contract will be subject to a new proposal, SOW and schedule and will be charged as additional scope.Our warranty on work completed applies solely to work done within the signed SOW and does NOT apply to new or perceived functionality, copy or asset edits or design changes that fall outside of the agreed upon scope of work.




    • What is the actual problem we need to solve?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Why is this a problem?
      ANSWER: NA
    • How much is this problem costing in money, time and frustration?
      ANSWER: NA
    • What are the primary online AND offline marketing strategies you’re implementing currently?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Do you have a website now?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, what aspects of the current site are you happy with?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, what aspects of the current site are you unhappy with?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, is the current site on a CMS platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or other similar CMS and if so which one?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Do you already have a domain?
    • If yes, who is the domain registrar?
    • If yes, will we need to transfer the domain to a new hosting server?
    • If no, who is responsible for registering the domain?
    • Do you wish to host the website with [OUR COMPANY NAME]?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If no, who will you host the website with?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Will this be an e-commerce site?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, do you already have a gateway and merchant account, and if so who?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, what is the product or service you are selling?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, how many products need to be listed?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, who will be responsible for adding the initial products?
      ANSWER: NA
    • What is the budget?
      ANSWER: NA
    • How does the budget stack up against the value of the problem?
      ANSWER: NA
    • When does the project need to be completed?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Why does it have to be complete by this date?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Do you have a specific design direction in mind?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Will we work off of PSD mockups or follow design trends from other sites?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If following design trends from other sites please list at least 3 sites you would like us to follow and what you like and don’t like from each one.
      ANSWER: NA
    • How much control over the design does [OUR COMPANY NAME] have?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Will [OUR COMPANY NAME] need to provide mockups/wireframes/prototypes to be approved?
      ANSWER: NA
    • List 3 of your direct competitors.
  1. NA
  2. NA
  3. NA
    • Who will provide assets?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Are the assets already created?
      ANSWER: NA
    • When would we expect to get assets?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Who will provide page copy?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Is the page copy already created?
      ANSWER: NA
    • When would we expect to get the page copy?
      ANSWER: NA
    • We have found that dealing with multiple contacts often leads to confusion and indecision as well as causes delays in projects. Because of this we require 1 person to be designated as your main contact point that has been given the authority to make decisions on behalf of [CLIENT COMPANY NAME]. Who wil be the designated contact for [CLIENT COMPANY NAME]?
      ANSWER: NA
    • How much iteration/revision should we expect on this project?
      ANSWER: NA
    • How long should we expect to wait for reviews and communication?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Do we have a site map in place yet?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If no, does [OUR COMPANY NAME] need to create a basic site map and submit it for approval?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If no, when can we expect to receive the site map?
      ANSWER: NA
    • Will the project require any custom functionality?
      ANSWER: NA
    • If yes, list the custom functionality and how this functionality is envisioned to work:
      1. EXPLAIN FUNCTIONALITY: NAAre there specific 3rd party plugins that you already have in mind to address this custom functionality, and if so what plugin?
        ANSWER:Is this a paid plugin and if so cost?



PLANNING R&DEstimated Time: 1 WeekRequirements:[CLIENT COMPANY NAME] completing discovery questionnaire.[OUR COMPANY NAME] completing a thorough research process.[OUR COMPANY NAME] making a decision on if the project will be accepted or not.If [OUR COMPANY NAME] accepts the project [OUR COMPANY NAME] will send an initial proposal and SOW to [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] for review and acceptance.[CLIENT COMPANY NAME] is required to either sign and return the proposal and SOW or reply to [OUR COMPANY NAME] with concerns and omissions regarding the proposal or scope of work.
SITEMAPA sitemap has been provided by [OUR COMPANY NAME] for the following structure:Home PageAbout PageSub-About Page 1Team/Staff Page (list of team/staff)Single Team/Staff Pages (individual team/staff member pages)News/Blog Top Page (list of posts)Single News/Blog Pages (individual posts)Contact PagePrivacy Statement PageTerms of Service PageThe site map was approved by the client on: NA DATEAdditional pages not listed in the above site map will be considered out of scope and will require an addendum to this scope of work.
ASSETS[OUR COMPANY NAME] will provide [X] stock images for the following pages:NADelivery due date: NA[CLIENT COMPANY NAME] will provide [X] images for the following pages:NADelivery due date: NA[OUR COMPANY NAME] Will Provide [X] Stock Videos for the following pages:NADelivery due date: NA[CLIENT COMPANY NAME] Will Provide [X] Videos for the following pages:NADelivery due date: NA
PAGE COPY[OUR COMPANY NAME] will provide copy writing service for the following pages:NADelivery due date: NA[CLIENT COMPANY NAME] will provide copy for the following pages:NADelivery due date: NA
DESIGNThe following design inspirations have been provided by: [CLIENT COMPANY NAME]:NA[OUR COMPANY NAME] will provide [mockups/wireframes/prototypes] for the following pages:NADelivery due date: NA
Client design review due date: NA[OUR COMPANY NAME] will ensure that the website design looks good and functions well on large screens as well as modern mobile devices as well as across the most recent (3) versions of Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Microsoft Edge (formerly Internet Explorer).
CUSTOM FUNCTIONALITY[OUR COMPANY NAME] will provide the following custom functionality using 3rd party plugins/components, custom developed plugins/components or custom code otherwise implement into the project:Custom [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] Branded Login & Admin Dashboard using the custom [OUR COMPANY NAME] Admin Dashboard plugin.Ability to submit support tickets from the admin dashboard using the custom [OUR COMPANY NAME] Admin Dashboard plugin.Ability to list common “How To” tips to update common aspects of the website using the custom [OUR COMPANY NAME] Admin Dashboard plugin.Protect the admin login using the Protect WP-Admin plugin (free version).Enable advanced caching to speed up the site page load speed using the W3TC plugin (free version).Add on-site SEO management using the Yoast SEO plugin (free version).Basic image compression and optimization using the WP-Smush plugin (free version).Allow easy content updating by implementing the custom [OUR COMPANY NAME] theme while limiting the ability for the client to inadvertently break design and layout.Responsive mobile menu using the [Responsive Menu Pro or [OUR COMPANY NAME] Mobile Menu] plugin.Ability to add staff/team members easily using the custom [OUR COMPANY NAME] Team plugin.Ability to add news easily using the custom [OUR COMPANY NAME] News plugin.Ability to easily create and submit web forms using the Caldera Forms plugin (free version).Ability to organize and reorder pages and posts using the Nested Pages plugin.Google Analytics integration and tracking using the Monster Insights plugin.Organize the administrator panel menu using the Admin Menu Editor plugin.Allow the ability to add and pull custom fields using the Custom Fields Pro plugin (paid version).Add the ability to easily create image galleries and sliders using the custom [OUR COMPANY NAME] ACF Gallery Shortcode plugin.
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION[OUR COMPANY NAME] will install and configure the Yoast plugin for on-site SEO management.[OUR COMPANY NAME] will be responsible for keyword research and on-site SEO management.The following keywords have been determined to be our primary focus for search engine optimization:NA[OUR COMPANY NAME] has developed the following strategy for gaining/improving local search visibility:Create a Google Business account.Create a Bing Business account.Create a Yelp account.Strategy to generate reviews on Google and Yelp.Strategy to generate local citations.Off-Site SEO is not within the scope of this project including link building campaigns, content marketing and citation building.* While [OUR COMPANY NAME] will implement strategies and best practices to position your website for success [OUR COMPANY NAME] makes no guarantees on where a website will rank in the search engines, how much traffic a website will receive or how many sales or leads a website will generate.
SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGSocial media marketing is not within the scope of this project.
Email: [OUR EMAIL]
Phone: [OUR PHONE][CLIENT COMPANY NAME] Designated Contact: NA
QUALITY ASSURANCE[OUR COMPANY NAME] will review each aspect of the project as they are completed.[OUR COMPANY NAME] will go through a pre-launch quality assurance process once the project is complete prior to submitting for client review.Finally, [OUR COMPANY NAME] will do a final post-launch quality assurance review once the website is migrated to it’s live hosting environment.[CLIENT COMPANY NAME] will do a pre-launch review after the [OUR COMPANY NAME] internal pre-launch review and prior to migration to the live hosting environment.[CLIENT COMPANY NAME] will do a final post-launch review once the website is migrated to the live hosting environment and after the [OUR COMPANY NAME] post-launch review.Once [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] is satisfied with the post-launch quality assurance reviews [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] will be required to sign off on the completion of the project.
WARRANTY[OUR COMPANY NAME] warranties the work done on a project for the duration of the first year contract. This warranty covers bugs or issues that may arise that were clearly part of the initial project scope or part of an approved addendum to the scope of work during the build process.This warranty does not apply to new functionality, copy or asset revisions after the fact, new design changes or new functionality that was not part of the initial project scope of work or part of an approved addendum to the scope of work during the build process.
POST-LAUNCH ANALYSIS, ITERATIONS & REVISIONSAnalysis, iterations and revisions after the fact requested after the website has launched and has been signed off on by [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] which are not covered under the project scope of work are subject to a new proposal and SOW.
HOSTINGAs part of this subscription package [OUR COMPANY NAME] will provide website hosting on a dedicated VPS server created on the Amazon AWS cloud platform and will provide full cPanel access as well as webmail access to [CLIENT COMPANY NAME]. [OUR COMPANY NAME] will also provide an SSL certificate at no additional cost as well as unlimited email addresses.
POST-LAUNCH MAINTENANCE & UPDATESOngoing maintenance and updates including WordPress updates and WordPress plugin updates are provided as part of this subscription package.The maintenance and update service only applies to existing items that were covered within the initial SOW. It does not apply to asset or copy changes after the fact, design or functionality changes after the fact or troubleshooting/fixing 3rd party plugins or code that may have been added by someone other than [OUR COMPANY NAME] after completion of the project.
ADDITIONAL SCOPE ADDENDUMSWe know that iteration is key to a great website and during the build process you may discover that you want additional assets, copy, pages or functionality in addition to what the original scope of work includes.We support and encourage iteration however our disclaimer is that these additions to scope receive an approved addendum to the original scope of work for an additional cost and that these additions do not hold up the project process or our project schedule unless agreed upon. Payment must not be withheld due to additions to the scope of work.



ASSETS00/00/2018[OUR COMPANY NAME](PAGE TITLE) – (X) Images – 00/00/2018
ASSETS00/00/2018[CLIENT COMPANY NAME](PAGE TITLE) – (X) Images – 00/00/2018
COPY00/00/2018[OUR COMPANY NAME](PAGE TITLE) – 00/00/2018
COPY00/00/2018[CLIENT COMPANY NAME](PAGE TITLE) – 00/00/2018
DESIGN00/00/2018[OUR COMPANY NAME](PAGE TITLE) – 00/00/2018
LAUNCH00/00/2018[OUR COMPANY NAME]HOSTING CONTROL PANELURL:Username:Password:FTPHost:Type: (ftp/sftp)Port:Username:Password:



Unplanned components, ideas, revisions, and project scope happen – when there is an unexpected event that will incur a cost, we will notify you ahead of time and will not produce unless we receive clear approval for increased budget and timeline.

Hourly rate: $75/hour, billed to the quarter of an hour through our tracking software. Most additional projects and/or project modifications will be scoped and bid on a fixed-price basis.



Please reference our website [OUR WEBSITE] for more information about each of our team members and the company.

Each of our projects are taken through an innovative process that we have designed over the last several years, yet continue to refine to create the best possible experience. We use a combination of online tools, client interactions, and strategies to ensure that your project goes from concept to execution and finally to completion within the allotted time & budget to achieve the best end-product.


During your project communication is crucial and will be non-stop with emails, phone calls, and possibly online video meetings. Even though we believe our current methods are very efficient we are always striving to find better and more user-friendly methods to communicate and collaborate through the entire life-cycle of a project.


When you are paying monthly fees for web hosting, paying a web developer to build your site and trying to maintain your website yourself you’re spending a lot of time, headache and money. With our managed maintenance and hosting package, you can allocate less resources and achieve greater accomplishment. You are getting an integrated service that manages all aspects of your website for you so you don’t have to!

Our hosting service offers virtually no downtime and is based on an Amazon AWS cloud VPS hosting solution and includes a full cPanel interface with unlimited email accounts and a webmail interface along with free SSL certificates. [OUR COMPANY NAME] ensures that your website remains up to date and secure by updating your CMS such as WordPress and any plugins or components every month and ensures updates do not break you website.

Just in case something ever does go wrong our entire server is backed up monthly and we maintain up to date backups of your entire website. Even if you accidentally break your website yourself we will happily help you restore it to the last backup point.

[OUR COMPANY NAME] also ensures that the server side software remains up to date and secure by periodically updating Apache, PHP, cPanel, WHM and MySQL.

Our managed hosting service does NOT include troubleshooting code, bug fixes, page copy or asset updates, changing existing functionality or adding new functionality to your website.

Our managed hosting service is $99/month and will be reflected in the SOW if selected.


This website proposal incorporates the website proposal terms and conditions provided online at By signing this proposal you acknowledge you read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions.

By signing this proposal you understand and agree to the proposed project schedule and payment structure proposed within this proposal. Furthermore you understand and agree that failure to provide page copy, assets or reviews by the scheduled due dates will likely delay the project and that delays caused by [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] will in turn prevent [OUR COMPANY NAME] from meeting scheduled due dates. You also understand and agree that your project may be placed on hold by [OUR COMPANY NAME] until these can be provided and that a new schedule will need to be determined before the project can be restarted. You also understand and agree that [OUR COMPANY NAME] reserves the right to include an additional $300 fee to reactivate a project that has been placed “on hold” after 30 DAYS of inactivity. You also understand and agree that project delays due to page copy, assets or reviews not being provided by their scheduled due dates will NOT delay the scheduled payment dates.

By signing this proposal you understand and agree that if your project remains “on hold” longer than 90 DAYS the staging server version of your website may be removed and the project considered “dormant” by [OUR COMPANY NAME]. You also understand and agree that [OUR COMPANY NAME] reserves the right to include an additional $1,000 fee to reactivate a project that has been considered “dormant” and to redeploy the project to the staging server.


This document together with any attachments, as well as any new, different or additional terms, conditions or policies which we may establish from time to time, and any agreement that we are currently bound by or will be bound by in the future, constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] and [OUR COMPANY NAME] LLC concerning your engagement of [OUR COMPANY NAME] LLC on this project, and supersede and govern all prior written and verbal communications.


By signing this document, you represent to us that you are a duly authorized representative of [CLIENT COMPANY NAME] and upon its behalf agree to be legally bound by its terms and conditions. You hereby accept and authorize the commencement and p