Collaborative Divorce Law Attorney Palo Alto CA

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As a family law attorney, my main concern is for the well-being of the family. My staff and I understand that the divorce process is a difficult period in people’s lives, and our goal is to help you find the best solution with as little stress as possible.

Whenever possible, we encourage Collaborative Law. Collaborative law is the practice of reaching divorce agreement without going to court. In collaborative law, both parties have attorneys who have agreed not to go to court but rather work together to find the best solutions for both parties and their children if applicable. In addition, there is a team composed of mental health professionals, who serve as communication coaches, a neutral financial specialist, and if necessary, a neutral child specialist. In some cases we also have neutral appraisers of business and real estate.

There may be a lot of questions and issues you have never had to deal with before. I will make sure we spend the time to address all of your issues and help find the answers that are right for you.

I am dedicated to help you with your family law problems.