San Jose Divorce Attorney & Child Custody Lawyer San Jose, CA – (408) 294-0700

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Need an expert San Jose divorce attorney? Reach us at (408) 294-0700 or visit to book an appointment today!

Going through divorce can be tough. You do not only have to handle your emotions, but may have to fight over financial assets or over the custody of your minor children. You cannot handle it alone, and definitely need an expert and experienced San Jose divorce attorney that can maximize your chances of wining. is a reputed family law San Jose firm and has experience of handling hundreds of divorce and child custody cases.

Our San Jose divorce attorney has absolute knowledge of Family law, and can present your case in an effective manner. When you call our San Jose family lawyer at (408) 294-0700, you will receive guidance based on law with empathy and careful consideration on what you are going through. Huey and Gamble Law firm practices in diverse areas of law and can provide you with an advice to make the legal process a smooth transition.

Our child custody lawyer San Jose stands by our client’s side and always available to answer any questions related with divorce or child custody, appease all concerns and support clients legally and emotionally. You can trust our child custody lawyer San Jose, CA to treat you with the respect that you deserve and provide you the expert legal counsel you seek.

Choose the right San Jose divorce lawyer or child custody lawyer San Jose, CA, to safeguard you from emotional and financial losses. Call us at (408) 294-0700 and let handle your case.

San Jose Divorce Attorney & Child Custody Lawyer San Jose – (408) 294-0700

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