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U Visa for Domestic Abuse Victims

California Immigration Lawyer
Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Clara

Immigrants face many challenges in the United States, and sometimes, they may be victims of violent crimes, but they may fear reporting these crimes. If you are a victim of a violent crime and received substantial injury, report it to the police! In fact, doing so may make you eligible for a visa reserved specifically for this situation: The U Visa. You must cooperate with the criminal investigation into the crime committed against you in order to be eligible for the U visa.

But does domestic violence or abuse “count” the same as other violent crimes? The short answer is, “Yes!”

Kaushik Ranchod of the Ranchod Law Group answers some common questions about the U visa, including whether men or only women are eligible for it. If a man is the victim of a violent crime and receives substantial injury, he may be eligible for the U visa in the same way that a woman would be — the law is written to treat all persons equally in this regard.

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