Episode #136 – Homeless in San Jose

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If you’re a head coach in the NHL, chances are you’ve been fired! And if you play for the San Jose Sharks, there’s a 65% chance you’ll be mistaken for a homeless person.

Geeta, Dave and Ryan join you this week to discuss Claude Julien being relieved of his head coaching duties by the Boston Bruins. Was this the right move? Is it the coaching or the roster that need to be changed? 

They look at all four (so far…) head coach firings in the NHL and how the teams have rebounded. And for the most part, it’s been quite positive.

They discuss Anton Rodin being shut down for the season, Brendan Gaunce’s AHL point production and Loui Eriksson’s humungous contract. They’re also incredibly thankful Bo Horvat didn’t break anything this weekend.

Washington’s incredibly hot streak and point production also come up. Can a team so perfect on paper finally do what it takes to make it out of the second round? Or will a red hot goalie or a kid named Sid get in their way?

Finally, the gang discusses Brent Burns ROCKET to the top of the NHL point leaders standings. At time of recording, just two points behind Connor McDavid, does Brent deserve the Hart? Maybe the Norris? Hell, can he win the ART ROSS?! If the homeless look is the reason for all this, never shave again, Brent!


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