Testimony to begin in Apple-Samsung patent trial

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The trial to determine damages how much Samsung Electronics owes Apple for copying vital iPhone and iPad features began in San Jose on Wednesday.
An attorney for Samsung said Apple deserves less than a quarter of the 380 (m) million US dollars it’s asking jurors to award it in a patent dispute between the two companies.
Samsung attorney Bill Price said on Wednesday during opening statements of a new trial between the two technology giants that Samsung owes Apple 52 (m) million US dollars.
Price says the phones Samsung is accused of ripping off from Apple have many different features, including larger screens and removable batteries.
A previous jury concluded that 26 Samsung products copied Apple’s scrolling function, iPhone design and other features.
But a judge ruled that jury miscalculated damages, and threw out 400 (m) million US dollars of the verdict.
“It’s pennies to both of these companies which are worth (b) billions and (b) billions and (b) billions of (US) dollars. Either one of these companies can write that check tomorrow,” said Associated Press Courts Reporter Paul Elias.
Samsung and Apple have been locked in bitter legal struggles around the world as they fight for supremacy of the more than 300 (b) billion US dollar smart phone market.
Despite the amount of money involved, the current proceedings are somewhat of a warm-up for a much larger trial scheduled for March.
That trial will focus on newer products still on the market, while the current trial is a battle over products that are several years old and no longer sold in the US.
Apple is asking that Samsung be barred from selling some of its current devices in the US, and more money will be at stake as well.
Apple transformed the mobile phone industry when it started selling the iPhone in 2007, but its success was quickly imitated and Samsung’s smart phone shipments surpassed Apple’s iPhone sales in 2011.

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