STUNNING COLORFUL ENCHILADAS!! | State of Puebla tour, part 3 (The Final Part!)

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Hello! and welcome to the third and final (!!) part of our State of Puebla tour.

We couldn’t leave Puebla without visiting one of the most important restaurants in the history of Mexican street cuisine, Tacos Arabes Bagdad! They are essential to Mexico’s culinary heritage, because they helped birth the Taco al Pastor!

When Middle Eastern immigrants came to Mexico in the 20th century, they brought with them traditional dishes like the Kebab. Once they arrived, they mixed the Kebab which is traditionally cooked with lamb and used pork instead… giving way to the Taco Arabe! This eventually led to the masterful creation that is the Taco al Pastor. Succinct and to the point, the Taco al Pastor is one of the most emblematic tacos in Mexico. So, it only made sense for us to make a stop at one of the places responsible for this cultural unification!

Then, to top it off, we visited Fonda de Santa Clara. A place that’s known for their delicious mole, which is probably the most important dish the State of Puebla has gifted to Mexico and the world! We tried three different types of mole and they were all delicious!

Thank you for watching and happy 5 de Mayo! We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to say goodbye to the beautiful State of Puebla than publishing a video on this important day when Mexicans triumphed against all odds! Viva Mexico!

Here is a list of the things we ate:

– Arabe with Cheese: $1.45 USD, $28 MXN
– Mole Poblano with chicken and rice: $8.25 USD, $159 MXN
– Molotes: $3.11 USD, $60 MXN
– 3 Mole Enchiladas: $7.42 USD, $143 MXN

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