The OurCrowd 2019 Summit was a Crazy Tech Extravaganza! #307

Here it is!

If you could not make it to this year’s OurCrowd summit, well, first of all, big mistake. It was magnificent. Second of all, I got you!

This episode will give you a feel for the crazy energy in the room, the people walking the halls, the insane volume of attendees, and just the overall experience.

18,000 people, 188 countries, 5 trillion dollars, 4 private jets, 2000 investors, and just endless tech.

The fact that I sent Joseph Goldsmith over 70 GB of footage and he was able to get it down to less than 18 minutes is a testament to his incredible editing abilities.

The list of people in this video is long, for obvious reasons, but here are a few people that made appearances: First of all, Ari Goldberg for pulling off the event of all events!

A big shoutout to the whole team who took part in the day including Liz Cohen, Jonathan Fuchs, and of course, Jonathan Medved. Throughout the day, I had the chance to interview some of these people and others from the team including the brilliant and always smiling, Laly David.

And the list of people thought this episode: Adam Kaplan from Edgybees, then David Shore from OurCrowd Canada, Meir Goldberg, Jonathan Stefansky from Viewbix who wins this episode for the best response ever.

David and Yoni Cantor Wiseman, Adi N Abby Isaacs, Steven Arnold, Ariel Ness, Stuart Soffer, Lisa Barkan-Matitya, Eytan Buchman, Josef Mandelbaum, Leron Kornreich, Tzvika Katzenelson, Rebecca ‘Becky’ Strapp,

Interview with the one and only Stewart Rogers! Interview with the hyper talented Rina Raphael with a shoutout to Harry McCracken! Interview with the mega brilliant Eyal Gura. Finally! Interview, one of several with Nas Daily! Interview with the awesome Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch! Interview with Liz Cohen who is an absolute machine! Interview with a real legend, Seth Haberman! The man has an Academy award and two Emmys. Interview with the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Fleur Hassan-Nahoum. Love this woman! Interview with one of my favorite humans, Didi Medina. Hot stuff.

Then a big fat kiss from Jonathan Medved and a quick interview with the man himself. This man is made of FIRE. And then, the interview I have been waiting for for years, Laly David!

And then? The Nas session began…

So yea, I think you get the point. This episode was one of the best ever and that is because this day was INSANE! You don’t want to miss this one, it is a huge energy bomb!


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