The Philosophical Foodie – Hana Maki Sushi – Santa Clara, Ca

The Philosophical Foodie – Hana Maki Sushi – Santa Clara, Ca

For seventeen years, this Japanese restaurant has been handed down for 3 generations. This quite and quaint establishment has a wonderful variety of dishes to offer that will satisfy your palette.

Located at 2725 El Camino Real #101, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Come by and enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨) is the Japanese preparation and serving of specially prepared vinegared rice (鮨飯 sushi-meshi) combined with varied ingredients (ネタ neta) such as chiefly seafood (often uncooked), vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits. Styles of sushi and its presentation vary widely, but the key ingredient in all cases is the sushi rice, also referred to as shari (しゃり), or sumeshi (酢飯).

Sushi can be prepared with either brown or white rice. It is often prepared with raw seafood, but some common varieties of sushi use cooked ingredients, and many other sorts are vegetarian. Sushi is often served with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. Daikon radish is popular as a garnish.

Sushi is often confused with sashimi, a related Japanese dish consisting of thinly sliced raw fish or occasionally meat, and an optional serving of rice.

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