VLOG: Grami Korean Restaurant + Bb. San Jose 2017 Highlights! • Monica Navs • (Taglish)

Finally after how many weeks of my delayed upload here’s another vlog!

Who loves Korean food as much as I do? Let me know in the comment section below! Because if you can or can’t tell, I had 3 plates of kimchi for this one! Yummm!

Watch till the end to find out who gets to win the title of being Bb. San Jose 2017!

Don’t forget to be awesome! Stay you, stay humble, and stay driven!


www.flipandstyle.com for the pink-glitter-marbled design (i found the photo on pinterest)

Splice for the background music as well.
Slow Down – 5 Alarm Music 5A Series
Paper Hearts – 5 Alarm Music 5A Series

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