[Webinar Recording] Transforming Telecom & Mobility: AOTMP 2019 Conference Preview

AOTMP 2019 is the premier Telecom / Mobility / IT Management event of the year. Join us for a 30-minute preview of topics, sessions and value you will receive from AOTMP 2019. The conference is packed with over 60 hours of thought-leadership content, best practices and networking options to meet the needs of enterprise professionals involved in telecom, mobility and IT management practices.

Here is a preview of what the conference will include and what the webinar recording will cover:

24 Roundtables
15 Expert Presentations
12 AOTMP University Sessions
12 Telecom Industry Awards
4 Conference Tracks
2 Days of Change
1 Conference

Please keep in mind that the webinar discount code is only valid until November 16th.